Our Vision

The  Environmental Engineering and Consultancy Company “EcoMosaic” dooel Skopje, Republic of Macedonia provides consultancy within Engineering and Environmental Science to all clients coming from different sectors.  

Our main goal is to offer the clients integrated solutions, in line with the legal requirements, but also with the best EU and global practices, technical norms and standards in the area of:

  • Environmental protection;
  • Efficient use of resources (raw materials, water, energy) and use of renewable energy sources;
  • Introduction and implementation of the cleaner production concept and analysis of the products’ life cycle;
  • Sustainable production and eco design;
  • Preparation of investment documents in line with the national and EU requirements for project applications and project cycle;
  • Strengthening the capacities of the public administration and of the representatives of the production and service companies in areas related to integrated protection and preventive pollution control of all environmental media.

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  • In March 2014, the Environmental Engineering and Consultancy Company “EcoMosaic” Ltd from Skopje as a subcontractor of world-known consulting company from Spain “EPTISA Servisios de Ingeneria” is part of the Supervision of “Reconstruction of railway Corridor 8, section Kumanovo – Beljakovce with length of 31km. Despite the daily supervision of construction site activities, the supervision also includes monitoring and evidence of the implementation of the proposed environmental preventive/mitigation measures during the construction and reconstruction of the railway.(read more);
  • In 2014, the Environmental  Engineering and Consultancy Company “EcoMosaic” Ltd from Skopje in collaboration with responsible persons from Municipality of Gazi Baba intensively worked on the preparation of the Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP) for Municipality of Gazi Baba for period of 2013-2019. The preparation of the LEAP document was completed in December 2014. The realization of this environmental protection document for will contribute sustainable development of the Municipality of Gazi Baba.(read more);
  • The team of Environmental Engineering and Consultancy Company “EcoMosaic” dooel Skopje contributed for the implementation of Environmental management system MKC EN ISO 14001:2006 in Company “Jugohrom Ferroalojs”. (read more);
  • Environmental Engineering and Consultancy Company “EcoMosaic” dooel Skopje in the period from January to July 2014 worked intensively on the preparation Environmental Impact Assessment of the project “Development of LPG distribution network in the Republic of Macedonia” as part of the procedure for granting a concession for distribution system for LPG on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. (read more);
  • During the period from January to March 2014, the “EcoMosaic” team was hired by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning for preparation of the “HANDBOOK FOR PREPARATION OF SAFETY REPORT” and delivering training on SEVESO requirements to the industrial establishments in Macedonia within a Project funded by the UNECE – United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. The Handbook has been prepared to provide general guidelines to the safe planning, design and operation of facilities / systems in the Republic of Macedonia which are planning to use or already are using dangerous substances in quantities that pose a potential risk of major accident. (read more);
  • The Environmental Engineering and Consultancy Company “EcoMozaic” has prepared the SEA Report on amendments of GUP for City of Vinica for the period of 2012-2022. (read more)

Consultant services

SMEs and industrial production       Municipalities, City of Skopje          Government Institutions           International institutions              NGOs  
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