Environmental Liability Risk Assessment Report for mine Bucim

The Environmental Engineering and Consultancy Company EcoMosaic as an authorized company for value appraisal of environmental goods and environmental impacts, was engaged by the mine Bucim Dooel Radovis in the period May-November 2017 for the preparation of the Environmental Liability Risk Assessment Report from the operation of the mine in relation to incidental situations that may impair the biodiversity, human resources and material goods of the mine and the surrounding population.

The EcoMosaic team has done research on available literature on risk management and methodologies for identifying and assessing risks with financial instruments for covering the costs that are applicable to such type of installation. Several field visits to the mine were also performed and meetings with the managers of the process units; Field findings as well as the experiences of mine employees regarding possible environmental hazards and how they manage the risks were taken into consideration.

The findings of this assessment are summarized in Environmental Liability Risk Assessment Report for mine Bucim, which provides an overview of the environmental management within the mine and its environment, identifies and assesses the risks of immediate/incidental threats from environmental damage in the operational phase of the mine Bucim regarding the frequency of occurrence and the consequences that will arise from them and proposes financial instruments for compensation of the eventual damage.

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