Strategic Environmental Assessment Report on National Transport Strategy (2018-2030)

The Strategic Assessment Report is prepared in order to identify on early stage the possible negative aspects of the National Transport Strategy objectives implementation. This document will help the competent authority Ministry of transport and communications to get a precise picture of the expected impacts that will be caused by the implementation of strategic National Transport Strategy objectives and how much it will cost the inclusion of the measures to protect the environment for each project separately (included into the National Transport Strategy).

The National Transport Strategy envisages implementation of projects in the road infrastructure, rail transport, air transport and water transport.

Taking into consideration the specific objectives and actions defined in the National Transport Strategy it is expecting huge impact on all environmental media, for that purpose identified SEA Objective helps to assess the extent of each impact separately.

For each SEA element SEA Expert propose specific measures and actions in order to mitigate or minimize identified impacts. In order to follow the implementation of all proposed measures the Monitoring Plan was prepared including a frequency of monitoring and a competent institution.