Preparation of the Strategic Environmental Assessment Report on amendments on the GUP for the City of Vinica

Municipality of Vinica has performed amendments on General Urban Plan for gup 1City of Vinica for the period of 2012-2022.

The activity relates to changes and amendments on General Urban Plan for City of Vinica started in 2008 as a result of the need for changes for categorization of traffic infrastructure in City of Vinica.

The team of experts has included the environmental aspects and public participation as fundamental postulates in the design of the SEA Report.

The SEA Report includes entire GUP on City of Vinica with a total area of ​​491,45 ha. The benefits from the realization of the project will be modernization of infrastructure of Vinica and integration of surfaces that in the past haven’t been covered by the project documentation. All of these will contribute for improving the quality of life of the local population.

 Adoption of the amendments to the GUP for City of Vinica and guidelines provided in the strategic environmental impact assessment of the Plan will enable development of urban planning for certain blocks of the City of Vinica without starting the procedure for new SEA because the main SEA goals and guidelines for the protection of the environment are already defined in this Report.

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It is expected that the proposed measured in the SEA Report by consultant team of “EcoMozaic” will allow sustainable development of City of Vinica through: larger area for construction, increasing of population density, better utilization of land, increased inflow of utilities for the city of Vinica, quality infrastructure development of the city of Vinnitsa, new jobs, protecting the environment and strengthening local government and trust among the population.

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