Cadastre on polluters on the territory of Municipality of Karposh 2012

In the period between May and October 2012, the experts from the consulting team of the Technical Consulting Company Eco Mosaic prepared the first cadastre of polluters on local level in Macedonia, by preparing the Cadastre of Polluters for the territory of the Municipality of Karposh (

What is the Cadastre?

Cadastre of polluters is a data base on business entities – potential polluters of air, water and waste generators on the territory of the Municipality of Karposh and it contains information and data of 242 business entities operating on the territory of the municipality, grouped in 5 categories.


Why a Cadastre? 

It is necessary to identify potential polluters and the pressure made by them on the environment and on people’s health, so that measures for sustainable living in the community could be planned and undertaken.

How we can use the Cadastre after we develop it together?

The cadastre of polluters is a useful tool when planning environmental issues especially when:

  • Analysing the quality of environmental media and setting up measures for prevention, mitigating or reducing the negative status of air, water or soil quality and distressed eco-systems;
  • Preparing strategic planning documents on municipal and city level (LEAP, LER, waste management programs and plans on the level of the City of Skopje and regional programs);
  • It will have a key role during urban and spatial planning of land on local and regional level, taking into consideration the location of the entities – potential polluters and their mutual interaction and cumulative impact;
  • Analyzing the measures already taken and measures necessary to be taken by business entities in order to reduce their impact on the environment;
  • Initiating and implementing joint projects for “green municipality” between the municipal administration and the business sector;
  • Implementing regular control and inspection supervision.


 Photographs of activities implemented during the preparation and promotion of the Cadastre of Polluters in the Municipality of Karposh

You should be the next municipality in Macedonia to have its Cadastre of Polluters.

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