Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP) for Municipality of Gazi Baba 2013-2017


The expert team of “EcoMozaic” in collaboration with responsible persons from Municipality was performed identification of current situation of environment and urban development as a result from natural conditions, intensive economic activities and social development in the Municipality and natural and cultural heritage.

The main goal of the preparation of the LEAP for Municipality of Gazi Baba is to:

    • Identify the current environment condition in all media: air, waste, noise, soil, land use, urban development, nature/natural rarities and cultural heritage; and
    • Start up the process of public participation which will be contribute in defining the priority issues that will be propose measures and actions for their solvency. In these measures and actions will be defined the responsibilities and monitoring plan and evaluating the effectiveness of their implementation;

Taking into consideration that the municipality is industrial, educational and communication center of Skopje and is the largest industrial area of ​​the city of Skopje and Macedonia, it approached with great attention for defining the key priority challenges. Municipality of Gazi Baba, trough LEAP, in the period of next six years will improve air quality; will provide quality surface and ground water, proper waste management of all fractions of waste at the municipal level, protection of natural rarities and sustainable development of the Municipality.

The LEAP document as Municipalities’ panning document approved by the Municipality Council will ensure:

  • To encourage the local community to take concrete commitments and concern for the environment through the implementation of measures and actions stated in the Action Plan;

    gazi baba

  • To initiate a dialogue based on arguments and define priorities among municipal representatives and international financial institutions about funding environmental projects;
  • To plan the development of Municipality of Gazi Baba based on real available resources on the principles of sustainable development;
  • To establish cooperation with relevant government institutions and other municipalities in City of Skopje to ensure successful regional development;
  • Provide incentives within municipal competencies that lead to attracting investments in the economic sector that will ensure the sustainable development of the local economy;
  • To undertake concrete actions on local level, in the form of actions and measures for better public awareness about the importance of environmental protection and improvement.