Emission Reduction Plans for Large Combustion Plants

Emission Reduction Plans for Large Combustion Plants 

The expert team of Eco Mosaic significantly contributed to the preparation of Emission Reduction Plans for the Large Combustion Plants prepared for the first time in Republic of Macedonia  in agreement with the legal regulations which transpose the requirements of the  EU Directive on Large Combustion Plants and other relevant legal requirements.

In 2012 Eco Mosaic was commissioned by the Climate Change Centre in the Project “Strengthening the capacity for IPPC and hazardous waste management in Macedonia” aimed at providing technical assistance to installations for the preparation of their Emission Reduction Plans for reducing polluting substances emitted from LCPs in Macedonia. The project was financially supported by the Norwegian Government/ Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the company Norsk Energy from Norway.

According to the national legislation and the Decree for Determining the Combustion Installations that Need to Take
planoviMeasures for Protecting the Ambient Air from Pollution (Official Gazette of  the Republic of Macedonia No. 112/2011) it is defined which installations and combustion plants are part of the group of “combustion installations which need to plan and take measures for protecting the ambient air from pollution through reducing the emissions of individual polluting substances in the air, and those are combustion installations with nominal capacity of 50 or more than 50 MW and installations which have combustion devices for the needs of the technological process with nominal power of 50 or more than 50 MW in total on the level of the whole installation”.

It is important to underline that this is a first attempt to establish a methodology for developing plans for emission reduction for large combustion plants in agreement with the national and EU legislation and best practices and examples of these types of plans from strategic planning documents from around the world.

The Eco Mosaic team prepared thematic questionnaires for each combustion plant with questions seeking information and data about the capacity of the combustion plant, type of boilers, their age, manner of maintenance, working hours, type of fuel which is used, quality of fuel/s, annual consumption of fuel, measured emissions of polluting substances (SO, NO, dust and others), measures undertaken and planned for emission reduction and other data;


Based on data and on information acquired during field visits the experts from Eco Mosaic prepared an Inventory of Emissions of Polluting Substances from Large Combustion Plants for the period 2006-2010 and separately for 2011, as well as projections for the period between 2012 and 2017 and a comparison with the limit values prescribed in national legislation in Republic of Macedonia, focusing on the trend of increasing/reducing the emissions from every LCP and its share in the total emissions. Within the project we have identified all competent institutions and all stakeholders in the implementation of these emission reduction plans and an economic analysis was prepared containing all financial funds necessary for the implementation of all needed reduction measures.



The inventory was submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and based on the individual plans the Programme for gradual reduction of emissions of certain polluting substances at the level of the Republic of Macedonia was developed, which according to Article 35-а from the Law on Ambient Air Quality is adopted by the Government of Republic of Macedonia.

With regard to referring Republic of Macedonia to the bodies of international and EU institutions working on air quality protection and promotion it is important to underline that the project assisted the development of an Inventory of emissions of LCP with a cross-section until 2010 (trends 2006-2010) and it became part of the Programme for gradual reduction of emissions of certain polluting substances at the level of the Republic of Macedonia.  At the same time data for 2011 were analyzed so the Project also managed to prepare the Inventory for 2011 for Emissions from LCP and Republic of Macedonia will be able to use it for reporting next year.


The adoption and implementation of this National Program will ensure the implementation of parts of the Directives 2001/80/ЕC and 2001/81/ЕC and will also contribute to a higher level of protection of ambient air, which is very significant for all citizens of Republic of Macedonia.


It has been a wonderful experience; we acquired new knowledge when developing the methodology for preparing the Air Emissions Reduction Plans and when we actually prepared the plans, through excellent cooperation and exchange of knowledge with the representatives of the “Climate Change Centre” from Skopje, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and the technical staff from the Large Combustion Plants!!!


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