The industrialization of the world has contributed to improving people’s lives, improving living standards, creating new products and goods that facilitate mankind everyday life.

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In production processes despite the use of safe substances, one or more substances which are classified as dangerous according to their characteristics or quantities are often used (e.g., flammable, explosive, oxidizing characteristics, etc.). Daily use of these substances is challenge for installations / systems because they want to ensure the production of goods in which we enjoy every day, but at the same time to ensure prevention of possible accidents that will have negative impact to the environment and human health. Risks from hazards and major accidents that may occur during handling, using and storage of dangerous substances are always possible despite of the efforts from the Installations / systems for preventive measures to prevent major hazards.

According to international conventions and national legislation, installations are obliged to take all necessary measures to reduce the risk of occurrence a major accident, and ancient occurs to take measures to mitigate the impact of the accident on the environment and human health.


Republic of Macedonia joined international requirements to prevent the occurrence of major accidents from dangerous substances thru ratification of the Convention on the trans boundary effects of industrial accidents in 2010 and transposed the Seveso II Directive and its amendments to the Law on Environment (Official Gazette RM no. 53/05, 81/05, 83/2009, 124/2010, 123/12, 93/13, 163/13) and by-laws relating to the prevention and control of major hazards in the presence of hazardous substances.

The expert team of “EcoMosaic” was contracted by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning prepared a handbook which contains general guidance for safe planning, design and operation of facilities / systems in the country that already use or planning to use dangerous substances in quantities that pose a potential risk major accidents.

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During the 27-28 February 2014, Training for capacity building of operators of industrial processes that storage and use high quantity of dangerous substances was performed by “EcoMosaic” experts. The Handbook can serve all industrial operators (legal or physical entities) that perform production, transport or storage system in which are involved dangerous substances in quantities equal to or in excess of the quantities defined by “Regulation on dangerous substances, limit values ​​(thresholds) for the presence of hazardous substances or properties and criteria by which a substance is classified as dangerous “(Official Gazette no. 25/2010).

We hope that this Handbook will assist in defining the Major Accident Prevention Policy and establishing a Safety Management System for facilities for allowing the installation to prevent the possible occurrence of major accidents, and in case of accident to locate and take measures to mitigate adverse effects on human health, environment and material goods.

Do YOU need help for identification of hazardous substances in YOUR facility?

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