Environmental Impact Assessment of the project was an integral part of the Feasibility Study for the development of LPG distribution networks in the Republic of Macedonia, which was prepared by “Toplifikacija Inzenering” DOOEL Skopje.


In the framework of this project the following municiplaities were involved: Region 1 – Skopje Region (17 municipalities – Skopje and municipalities Zelenikovo, Petrovac, Ilinden, Studenichani Arachinovo, Sopiste and Cucer Sandevo) Region 2 (28 municipalities – belonging to: Eastern Region , Southeast region, Northeast region, Vardar region and Prilep) and Region 3 (26 municipalities – are in Pollog region, Southwest region and region Pelagonian).


The Environmental Impact Assessment of the Project has a main goal to provide the roadmap for the development of the EIA Study. The main goal of the project is to define general measures to prevent, reduce, mitigate or compensate the adverse effects on the environment that will provide suitable protection of the environment and safety of the citizens in Macedonia and beyond.

The main environmental benefits of this project is the reduction of emissions of dangerous substances (CO2) and thus greater protection of the environment, considering that the implementation of LPG infrastructure will replace the currently used energy sources (fossil fuels) that emit greater quantities of hazardous substances such as fuel oil, extra – light oil and firewood for heating process.