Energy Efficiency Audit and Energy Management Plan for mine Bucim Radovis

In order to make a detailed analysis of energy consumption in all technological processes and to prepare an Energy Efficiency Plan for the next period, the mine Bucim has engaged the Eco Mosaic for the preparation of Energy Efficiency Audit and Energy Management Plan for mine Bucim, in the period January – June 2017.

The expert’s team of EcoMosaic used several methods for Energy Efficiency Audit in the mine and preparation of the Plan: visits to mine facilities, collection and analysis of data on energy consumption for all facilities and administrative buildings, interviews with the responsible persons for production and maintenance of the mine equipment and processes, a review of facilities and systems using energy with short measurements (thermal imaging) of energy losses, analysis of energy consumption data for the larger consumers, the establishment of energy indicators, environmental effects of the energy consumption reduction in the analysed period and defining the potential and measures to reduce energy consumption and environmental benefits.

Based on the applied methodology, the team of EcoMosaic has prepared a Plan for implementing measures for energy efficiency improvement, as well as the environmental impact from the proposed measures.

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