Slavjanka Pejcinovska – Andonova

Slavjanka Pejcinovska – Andonova, B.Sc. Chemical Technology Engineer, Environmental Consultant and Manager of EcoMosaic has more than 18 years of intensive experience in the field of environment (water and wastewater, waste management, management of chemicals, climate change, air quality, industrial pollution control, stakeholder involvement and capacity building) delivering consulting services to the industrial sector, international financial institutions (World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Japan international Cooperation Agency) and government institutions, including municipalities.

As a national Expert on strategic environmental assessment and Expert environmental impact assessment of projects since 2009 ( she has worked on studies evaluating the environmental impact of projects in the area of energy, transport and treatment of wastewater (small hydropower plants, ELEM Rail corridor VIII Eastern section of Macedonia to Bulgaria, installations for the production of electricity and heat by burning waste in the North – East region, Waste Water Treatment Plant for the City of Skopje etc..).

One of her greatest challenges was the establishment of Methodology for the preparation of the SEA of plans and programs on the environment and she has produced over 30 SEA Reports on the development of urban and spatial plans, as well as national Methodology for the preparation of LEAP documents by adapting the DPSIR methodology and guide the process of preparation of LEAP documents for a number of municipalities in Macedonia and Kosovo. She led the team in preparing the methodology for the Cadastre of polluters for Municipality of Karpos and preparation of the first Plan for reduction of air emissions  caused by Large Combustion Plants in Macedonia (refer to LCP Directive requirements).

She has published and presented research papers at international conferences (Boston in 2005, Prague in 2006, Ghana – May 2009., Skopje 2011, 2014.) related to the topic of EIA, ECO labeling of hotels and ECO criteria for paints and coatings, Methodology for the LEAP, defining SEA indicators, reseach and preparation of inventory of industrial POPs chemicals in Macedonia (PBDEs and PFOs).

Slavjanka Pejcinovska-Andonova is UNIDO Expert for Cleaner Production in 2008 working intensively with industrial sector in Macedonia introducing cleaner production methodology focusing on energy, water and waste management; reduce the amount of waste and chemicals management in several companies, also held trainings for company’s representatives while trainings for cleaner production were organized.

During 2014 she worked on the development of Guidance for implementation of SEVESO requirements and she delivered two-days Training for SEVESO establishments in the country. She has experience performing Phase I Environmental Due Diligence in the country and within EU countries.

She has extensive experience in project management and participated with her expertise in many national and international projects in the field of environment.

Slavjanka Pejcinovska – Andonova i a member of:

  • International Association for Impact Assessment;
  • Commission on best available techniques for the MoEPP established by the Government of RM;
  • Chamber of Certified Engineers/Chemical  Technology Engineer of Macedonia;
  • Chamber of Certified Environmental Engineers in Macedonia;
  • Association of Environmental Engineers in Macedonia;
  • Technical Committee for Laboratory Accreditation Institute of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Lead assessor accreditation bodies in the Institute for Accreditation of RM;
  • Member of the team of national experts at the National Centre for Cleaner Production;
  • Member of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Member of Macedonia Association of Management Consultants.

She possess:

  • EIA Certificate (issued by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, 2009),
  • SEA Certificate (issued by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, 2009),
  • Certificate for Supervision of development projects (Technology design) issued by the Chamber of Certified Engineers and Architects, 2011),
  • Certificate for Revision of the development project (Technology design) issued by the Chamber of Certified Engineers and Architects, 2011),
  • Certificate for Preparation of development project (Technology design) issued by the Chamber of Certified Engineers and Architects, 2011),
  • Certificate for National expert on Cleaner Production (issued by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), 2008),
  • Certificate for Environmental Valuation of protected areas and environmental damage (issued by the Ministry of Environment , 2012).

“Always rather give more than others expect from you … Actually with giving you get much, much more …”