EcoMosaic Team

Our team of consultants has the time, patience, knowledge and skills to understand the challenges you face in daily operations and the launch of new investment. Our consultants will be happy to commit to effective and timely resolution of your challenges in terms of environmental protection focusing on better planning, reduced costs, more efficient and sustainable use of resources, greater market competitiveness, minimizing various fractions of waste, recycling, prevention, avoidance and mitigation of adverse impacts of the production process and emissions to air, water.

Your success, positive results and improvement of your image as a socially responsible company and a company that takes care about its “ecological and energy footprint ” is our key motivation.

The team

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   Membership of EcoMosaic in international and national organizations and bodies                                                              

EcoMosaic is a member of:

  •        International Organization for impact assessment of projects, plans and strategic documents – IAIA (International Association for Impact Assessment) since 2005
  •        Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Macedonia since 2009
  •        Macedonian Association for Solid Waste Management (MaSWA) since 2015


EcoMosaic’s experts are part of expert teams the following national institutions and professional associations:

  •        Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia since 2009
  •         Commission on Best Available Techniques in the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning since 2009
  •         Technical Committee of the Institute of Laboratory Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia since 2010
  •         A group of assessors of the accreditation body of the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia since 2009
  •         National Cleaner Production Centre funded by UNIDO (Industrial Development Organization of the United Nations) since 2008
  •         Chamber of Certified Engineers Technologists of Macedonia since 2012
  •         Management Consulting Association – MCA-2000 and Macedonian Evaluators Network.