General Environmental Audit

In the period between December 2011 and December 2012, the Engineering and Environmental science consultancy


Company “Eco Mosaic” from Skopje, was commissioned to prepare General Environmental Audit Reports for part of the production plants of OHIS (Organic Chemical Industry Skopje):

  • OHIS PLAST M Skopje (production of PVC materials, copolymers and emulsions, sifting and grinding) the equipment from the Unit for Service Media (old and new compression unit): dismantling of equipment in the Plant for PVC suspension, Section 400, liquid transfer station, silosing and initiators) and
  • General Environmental Audit of AD OHIS MALON (PAN 1, PAN 2 and PAN 3)

The expert team of Eco Mosaic performed the General Environmental Audit (read more) in accordance with the Law on Environment (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No.  53/2005, 24/07, 159/08, 83/09, 124/10, 51/11, 123/12, 51/13) and the Law on Assessment (Official Gazette No.  115/10, 158/11, 185/11, 64/12), the international environmental assessment standards,  (ISO, International Association for Impact Assessment – IAIA, Department for International Development – DFID), the generally accepted methodology and the chemical industry principles.  Technological processes and raw materials used were all reviewed, environmental and health risks which could appear at the cease of operation of the plants or during dismantling of equipment were identified, and besides this managing


Photographs taken during equipment dismantling and metering

The general environmental audit reports contains Action Plan for conducting activities and measures and a Monitoring Plan for the implementation of proposed measures, and it identifies people responsible for monitoring and control of the implementation of measures and time frame for their implementation.