The team of Environmental Engineering  Consultancy Company “EcoMosaic” offers consulting services in the field of environment, sustainable use of resources and the introduction of the concept of cleaner production.

The team collaborates with public administration at national and local level in the process of developing strategic planning documents and also delivering trainings for capacity building of civil servants capacities with the latest environmental and technical news.



Some of the key clients of “EcoMosaic” are: 

  • Municipalities and the City of Skopje,

  • Small and medium enterprises and large production and service companies,

  • Centers for regional planning and development,

  • Governmental institutions,

  • International organizations and institutions.

After identifying the needs and the challenges the client is facing, the consultants of “EcoMosaic” prepare set of services providing efficient, timely and quality solutions for the challenges.

     Why to choose “EcoMosaic” for a partner

The  Environmental Engineering  Consultancy Company “EcoMosaic” LTD in Skopje successfully and intensively works with national and international companies, municipalities, governmental and financial institutions for several years, offering highly professional services in accordance with legal requirements, and best available EU and world practices, technical standards and norms. The company represents a blend of educated, highly professional and experienced people from different field of expertise, always oriented to customer’s needs.

  •        We choose dedication, determination and professionalism
  •        We have the knowledge and experience to manage Your every day environmental challenges
  •        Always abreast of the latest developments and trends in environmental management

     EcoMosaic Team

Our team of consultants has the time, patience, knowledge and skills to understand the challenges you face in daily operations and the launch of new investment. Our consultants will be happy to commit to effective and timely resolution of your challenges in terms of environmental protection, for you it will mean better planning, reduced costs, more efficient and sustainable use of resources, greater market competitiveness, minimizing various fractions of waste, recycling, prevention, avoidance and mitigation of adverse impacts of the production process and emissions to air, water.

The successful daily operations, “EcoMosaic” cooperates with many foreign partners, experts in their field, accredited laboratories, institutions and organizations nationally and internationally, which devotedly help us achieve our goal with our customers.

Your success, positive results and improvement of your image as a socially responsible company and a company that cares about its “ecological and energy footprint ” is our key motivation.

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