The Expertise of Eco Mosaic Available for the Municipalities 

The “Municipal Service Improvement Project” was initiated in Macedonia in 2009 and it was aimed at improving the transparency, financial sustainability and delivery of services for the municipalities – beneficiaries of the project. In order to resolve these challenges, Republic of Macedonia asked for financial assistance of the World Bank and it approved a loan of 75 million US dollars in order to support municipal investments, construction of capacities and institutional strengthening activities. The Ministry of Finance established an Implementation Project Unit in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the Project, as well as to assist the municipalities to prepare the necessary project documents.

Within the MSIP Project – “Municipal Service Improvement Project”, funded by the World Bank, Ms. Slavjanka Pejcinovska – Andonova was commissioned as an environmental consultant responsible for monitoring the implementation of national and World Bank requirements with regard to environmental protection and safety of workers and local people during the implementation of the project activities.

The already completed current projects are focused on infrastructure and services under the competence of municipalities and their communal enterprises, such as: water supply, sewerage, repair of sewerage network, procurement of vehicles for solid waste management, rehabilitation and reconstruction of local roads and streets, reconstruction of municipal buildings, schools, supporting other functions, such as energy efficiency – street lighting and replacement of mercury light bulbs with sodium based efficient lights, installation of heat pumps for heating, public transport and other services under the competence of the municipalities.

The environment consultant was part of the Project Team who assisted the municipal administration when preparing the project documents, the feasibility study, the tender documents, as well as during the monitoring of the implementation of the planned project activities. Briefly, the key tasks of the environmental consultant were:

  •       To review the environmental reports submitted as part of the proposed projects by the municipalities,
  •       To prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment Reports for projects relating to construction of schools,
  •       To prepare the check lists for environmental impact assessment of infrastructural projects,
  •       To prepare a Mitigation and Monitoring Plan for monitoring and mitigating the negative impact during all stages of the project,
  •       To prepare a Mitigation and Monitoring Plan of the planned measures and coordinate all relevant stakeholders and participants (contractor, supervision, municipal environmental inspector, communal inspector, mayor etc.) in the relevant projects before they are submitted for approval to the World Bank.
  •       To prepare the part of the tender documents relating to environment
  •       To monitoring the application of measures planned and monitoring the parameters during the implementation of project activities.
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Photographs of activities implemented during the implementation of projects supported by the World Bank