Marija Nikoloska

Marija Nikoloska, B.Sc. Environmental Engineer, Environmental Consultant    Slika Marija

She continuously improves knowledge and skills obtained during her studies through development in different professional environmental areas: management of packaging waste, noise in environment and Preparation of Strategic Environmental Assessment Reports.

Work Experience in City of Skopje, Department of Nature and Environment Protection and as part of the collaboration team in preparation of Phase 1 Study of Sustainable Development of the City of Skopje.
She contributes continuously with her experience, knowledge and aspiration for advancement in the Engineering and Environmental science consultancy Company “EcoMosaic” (2010) participating in the preparation of strategic planning documents: LEAP (Local Environmental Action Plan – Municipality of Cair and Municipality of Karposh), Cadastre of polluters on the territory of Municipality of Karposh; Strategic Environmental Assessment Reports (for urban planning documentation throughout Republic of Macedonia). Actively participate in the preparation of national strategic documents (National Plan for the Protection of ambient air in Macedonia for the period 2013-2018, Emission Reduction Plans of Large Combustion Plants installations in RM for the period 2012-2017).

During the preparation of documents she has continuous communication with stakeholders, performs site visits and has extensive experience in the collection and analysis of data using software tools. Has exceptional analytical capacity in summarizing the data and definition of measures and solutions to protect the environment, giving a contribution to the implementation. Has highly developed skills in preparation of matrices for compliance of objectives of the planning documents with the goals of other strategic documents during the preparation of Strategic Environmental Assessment Reports.