Cleaner Production Concept in Macedonia

Eco Mosaic experts – First promoters of the Cleaner Production Concept in Macedonia


Within the framework of the UNIDO Cleaner Production Program (United Nations Industrial Development Organization implemented in Macedonia by the National Centre for Cleaner Production, the representatives of the Engineering and Environmental science consultancy Company “Eco Mosaic” from Skopje, as national experts on cleaner production  ( were part of the team of experts, promoting the Cleaner Production Concept in Macedonia.

The “Cleaner Production Concept” presents a continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy for production processes, products and services, aimed at increasing the efficiency and reducing the risks for the people and the environment. (

National experts used the UNIDO methodology for implementing the cleaner production concept.  They identified potential projects for introducing the cleaner production principles in several companies in Macedonia (Reference List), and participated in the preparation of trainings for 12 companies. In these companies the experts created teams, identified potential cleaner production projects and by analyzing the energy and material balance, identified points in the production process / service where measures may be introduced in order to minimize waste and loss of natural resources and material, as well as to improve the resource and chemical management, thus ensuring financial benefits for the company.

National experts have provided direct consultancy for the companies “Clinical Centre” – Skopje, “Silmak” – Jegunovce, “Badzo” Dooel Export – Import – Bogdanci, “Orthopaedic Institute Slavej” – Skopje and “Evropa” AD Skopje and have also worked with the selected teams in those companies and searched for solutions based on the cleaner production concept (minimizing waste generation, ensuring energy efficiency and sustainable use of resources and raw materials).

The experts have prepared environmental status reports for “Health Care  Centre” – Skopje, “Silmak” – Jegunovce, “Badzo” Dooel Export – Import – Bogdanci, “Orthopaedic Institute Slavej” – Skopje and “Evropa” AD – Skopje and they also developed draft projects for cleaner production which were directly linked to the Applications for obtaining IPPC A/B permits submitted by these companies. Од страна на Експертите беа подготвени Извештаи за состoјбите со животната средина во „Клинички Центар“ Скопје, „Силмак“ – Јегуновце, „Баџо“ Дооел Експорт – Импорт Богданци, „Ортопетски завод Славеј“ – Скопје и „Европа“ АД Скопје и направени се предлог Проекти за Почисто производство кои се во директна врска со апликациите за ИСКЗ А/Б дозволите за кои овие фирми имаат аплицирано.



 Photographs of companies – participating in the Project for introducing cleaner production