Activities implemented within the development of LEAP for the Municipality of Cair

Activities implemented within the development of LEAP for the Municipality of Cair

The Local Environmental Action Plan is a strategic planning document for the Municipality of Cair for the next six years (2013 – 2018 years.) with identified current state of the environment and urban development of the Municipality of Cair as a result of natural conditions, economic activities and social development of our citizens, significant natural and cultural heritage and defined key challenges and proposed measures and actions to address them.

Municipality of Cair is a densely populated municipality completely urban, with a small number of industries / manufacturing plants of food industry, restaurants, auto repair shops and car wash facilities, large and small healthcare facilities, several markets and larger supermarkets, and major roads and high frequency of people and vehicles across the municipality and this puts pressure on the environment and indirectly the health of our citizens.



Дел од јавните установи во Општина Чаир

In the period November-December 2012 our consultant team helped in the process of preparing the LEAP document taking into account the national methodology for the LEAP (DPSIR methodology).


Part of meetings of the LUK and working groups in preparation for the LEAP Municipality of Cair

The consultant team prepared a questionnaire for 5 thematic groups of businesses in the territory of the Municipality of Cair (industries / manufacturing plants, restaurants, medical facilities, gas stations, car wash facilities / Providers Search Users / fitters) in order to identify the most important sources of pressure on various environmental media.


Some business entities in the Municipality of Cair

The consultant team of “EkoMozaik” with administration officials Municipality of Cair made ​​field visits to some of the relevant business entities, by filling the thematic questionnaires Information about waste management, emissions to water, air, waste and chemicals.

As a result of the analysis of the current situation, thematic surveys and questionnaires to citizens current state of the environment was identified, the main pressures define the key challenges that municipal authorities will need to face in the next period. Using multiple criteria the key challenges underwent prioritization with all proposed recommendations to overcome them and for the top priorities Environmental Monitoring and Action Plan was developed.

The development of the Local Environmental Action Plan was a huge challenge for the team of EkoMozaik because the Municipality prepared this strategic document for the first time, along with all the  specifics of their municipality, with the smallest territory in Republic of Macedonia but entirely urban.