Tanja Nikolovska

Slika TanjaTanja Nikolovska, B.Sc. Environmental engineer, Senior Assistant Environmental Consultant

As an Environmental Engineer within thirteen years of experience in the field of environment, Tanja has worked on various projects with a focus on activities against climate change and use of renewable energy sources by Ecologists’ Movement of Macedonia and “Friends of the Earth International”. She has a major contribution to the projects for horticultural arrangement of parks and green areas as an associate in the department of parks and foliage landscaping and management in the City of Skopje.

Her extensive experience continuously improved by attending trainings in the field of sustainable use of resources, medical waste management, management of chemical, the latest regulations on public procurement. Obtained communication skills apply in daily contact with clients, institutions at national and local level, NGOs, and international organizations. Since the establishment of the Engineering and Environmental science consultancy Company “Eco Mosaic”, participates with the team for the preparation of several projects supported by national and international investors.

Participated in the preparation of Strategic Environmental Assessment Report for “Study for the possibilities for regulation of river Bregalnica”,  Center for Development of the Eastern Planning Region, through analysis of strategic planning documents for each municipality of the Eastern Region and reviewing about the purpose of the relevant study plans, programs and strategies.

She participated in the preparation of parts of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies and Environmental Impact Assessment Reports for different projects through field visits and analysis of environmental conditions, determining the potential pressures on the environment and giving the proposed measures to prevent or mitigate them.

Since 2011, as a National Cleaner Production expert, she participated in the preparation of material and energy balance of factory “Europe” AD and identification of potential projects for cleaner production together with the team from the company and request solutions which itself contains the concept Cleaner production (minimizing the generation of waste, energy efficiency and sustainable use of resources and raw materials).

As part of the team of the Engineering and Environmental science consultancy Company “EcoMosaic”, participated in data collection and preparation of Environmental Due Diligence for parts of OHIS AD Skopje.