Third International Conference “Waste management and Climate Change”

In the period from 19 to 21 September 2013 in Skopje will be organized 3rd International Conference “Waste management and Climate Change” organized by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, ADKOM – Association of service providers in RM, PE “Komunalna Higiena “- Skopje and DRISLA Doo Skopje.

The fact that large amounts of waste pose a direct threat to human health and indirectly lead to pollution of air, soil and water, will be initiated the following proposed topics of the conference:

  • waste and impact on the environment – climate change,
  • Implementation of EU directives into national legislation in the field of waste management,
  • RRR in integrated waste management,
  • Possibility of PPP for waste management in RM,
  • Waste as fuel,
  • Electronic Waste / experiences and recommendations,
  • Raising public awareness for waste management,
  • Methodology for calculating the cost of integrated waste management

The Experts from “EkoMozaik” prepared and submitted two papers for the conference: “Initial inventory of new industrial POPs chemicals in waste from electrical and electronic equipement and waste from end of life vehicles in Macedonia” and “Energy production from waste  in North-East Region.” (read more)