Ljubica Bavarchikj

Ljubica Bavarchikj, B.Sc. Chemical Technology Engineer, Junior Assistant Environmental ConsultantBube

Since 2011 work as part of the consulting team of the Engineering and Environmental science consultancy Company “EcoMosaic” Skopje.

Actively participates in projects related to the impact of production processes on the environment, developing compliance of clients with national and EU legislation in the field of environment and health and safety at work, which includes assistance to companies in the waste management and chemicals used or generated by the technological process.

Has obtained experience in identification of persistent organic chemicals during the preparation of National Inventory for Reducing or Eliminating Persistent Organic Polluters (POPs) in Republic of Macedonia in waste of electrical and electronic equipment, transport sector and other industrial sectors in Macedonia.

Ljubica has attended the First National Conference on SEA in the country and since then with great interest to take part in preparation of Strategic Environmental Assessment Reports for projects that include production and processes that could affect the environment and preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports.

She involves in projects related to environment and health and safety at work with particular interest, constantly upgrading her knowledge and skills every day.