Supervision of “Reconstruction of railway Corridor 8, section Kumanovo – Beljakovce


The expert team of “EcoMozaic” as a subcontractor of Spanish Company “EPTISA” will be responsible to monitor the implementation of environmental preventive/mitigation measures as well as occupational health and safety (OH&S) for workers during construction activities and safety of the community during construction phase.

koridor 2The construction and reconstruction activities of railway Corridor 8, section Kumanovo – Beljakovce are performed by Contractor Company “Wiebe” and the construction activities will  take place for 3 years. The focus has been placed on the monitoring of the implementation of the Plan for the protection of the rivers which are located in the vicinity of construction activities, Plan for management of hazardous chemicals, Waste management plan (generated on the constriction site), Plan for the protection of soil and other planning documents established by the Contractor.

The Consultant team of “EcoMozaic” will conduct regular site visits and review of established documentation (checklists and plans) by the Contractor. Through this documentation the contractor will be able to demonstrate the implementation of protective measures for biodiversity, health of local population, protective measures for air, water and soil, proper management of different waste streams that will be generated on site and keeping a record of managing the environmental aspects.