Katarina Pejcinovska
Katarina Pejchinovska, B.Sc Food Technology Engineer

She graduated in 2012 year at Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje, food technology department. From June 2014 she joined the team of the Engineering and Environmental science consultancy Company “EcoMosaic” ltd Skopje. She makes a contribution through explaining of the technological processes, which are detail shown into EIA Reports for the food sector. She was actively involved in the project for implementing of the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 in the Company for production of ferroalloys “Jugohrom Feroalojs” Jegunovce, in the Waste Management Program. She helped in preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment of the project “Development of LPG distribution network in Eastern and Western Region”, and she made statistical analysis of data obtained from the questionnaires which was a necessary part of the preparation of LEAP for Gazi Baba. Every day she is involved in new challenges and she learn how to faces with work and upgrade her knowledge.