Company EcoMosaic takes part in the Global Water Partnership Mediterranean (GWP – Med) within the activities of “Water, Food, Energy and Ecosystems Nexus” in South East Europe (SEE), perform research and analysis of data for the sectors (water, energy, food / soil / agriculture, economic development) for the Republic of Macedonia.

Experts from EcoMosaic until March 2018 conducted interviews, contacted the relevant national authorities in order to obtain high quality data on trends in each sector in the period 2000-2017 year, and projections for the following years.

A Report on the Republic of Macedonia was prepared as a summary overview of the situation in the Nexus sectors for the period 2000 – 2017, how the values were going over the years, what is the sectorial institutional set-up, prepared national documents for each sector, which is the connection between the Nexus sectors, conflicts between them from the prepared strategic documents and the proposed measures and activities for overcoming them