The Experience of the Eco Mosaic team in implementing the Procedure for Strategic Environmental Assessment Report 

In cooperation with the local government and private investors in Republic of Macedonia, the strategic environmental assessment expert and the expert team of Eco Mosaic have prepared numerous Strategic Environmental Assessment reports needed for the preparation of planning documents (reference list SEA).

The EcoMosaic team, as of 2005, is a member of the International Association for Impact Assessment – IAIA/  and it implements most contemporary techniques and methods for assessing the environmental impact.

Part of the team has already participated in IAIA Conferences (Boston, USA 2005, Prague, Czech Republic 2006, Akra, Ghana 2009) with their papers; they have also attended training on Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment and has also attended the national conference on Strategic Environmental Assessment held in Skopje in 2011.

What is Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)?

According to national environmental regulations, when preparing short-term, mid-term and long-term national or
seamunicipal planning documents for development of the municipalities in all sectors (urban development, industry, development of small and medium size businesses, economic installations, tourism, agriculture transport etc), it is obligatory to implement the procedure for Strategic Environmental Assessment for the planning documents in question (plan, program or a strategy).

Different levels of use of EIA and SEA

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Aim of the Strategic Environmental Assessment sea3

The Strategic Environmental Assessment is aimed at including environment protection and promotion goals as defined
in the national, regional and local strategic documents in the objectives defined when developing the planning documents by the planners or the developers of the strategic document.

The procedure for Strategic Environmental Assessment is legally binding, in agreement with the national legislation (Chapter X from the Law on Environment – Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No.  53/05, 81/05, 24/07, 159/08, 83/09, 124/10, 51/11, 123/12, 51/13 and its by-laws) and with its timely implementation it ensures that all possible negative and positive impacts of the plan, program or strategy on the environment are foreseen, alternatives and mitigation measures are defined in order to reduce or avoid the negative impact on all environmental elements.

During the preparation of the Strategic Environmental Assessment, the experts of Eco Mosaic carry out the following activities:

  • Visit the relevant site,
  • Become acquainted with the urban planning documents, planning scope, the intent of the land and the planned functions of the investment,
  • Identify the objectives for protection and promotion of the environment already defined in the strategic documents on local, national and international level,
  • Review and analyze the current status of the environment within the scope of the plan and in its immediate vicinity – the city and the municipality,
  • Identify the sensitive environmental elements within the scope of the plan which would be most threatened by the implementation of the objectives of the planning document,
  • Define the objectives of the Strategic Environmental Assessment relevant for the scope and the indicators which would be used to monitor the implementation of the planning document,
  • Identify possible negative impact caused by the implementation of the planning document on the key environmental elements including human health;
  • Assess the type, nature, strength, duration, reversibility and significance of impact and their cumulative interdependencies,
  • Assess whether the impacts can be prevented, avoided, mitigated and / or compensated,
  • Prepare preventive and corrective measures for mitigating the environmental impact of the plan and prepare a Plan for monitoring the implementation of the proposed measures,
  • Inform all decision makers and stakeholders regarding the environmental consequences of the implementation of the plan and include them in the completely transparent process by organizing a public debate,
  • Participate in the public debate with regard to the Strategic Environmental Assessment.


Participation of the expert team of Eco Mosaic in public debates